Customer Service Charter

This Customer Service Charter informs the residents of the Lancelin South Development the standard of service Lancelin South Pty Ltd will provide. This Customer Service Charter also outlines the rights and responsibilities for residents and details the methods of communication.

Our Customer Service Charter can be viewed here

Non-Potable Water Householders Guide

As a householder with Non-Potable water connected to their house, you will need to ensure that members of your household are aware of what Non-Potable water can be used for.

Our recycled water householders guide can be viewed here: Non – Potable Water Householders Guide

Billing Enquiries

For any information on Billing Enquiries Procedure, please refer to  Billing-Enquiries

Complaint Procedure

Additional information in our written complaint procedure can be viewed here: Customer Complaint Procedure

Hardship Policy

For information about our Hardship Policy please consult our Financial Hardship Policy

Residential Prices and Charges

For any information on Residential Prices and Charges, please refer to Residential Pricing & Charges 2017