About Lancelin South Water

Lancelin South Water 

Lancelin South Water is a division of Lancelin South Pty Ltd. (the developers of the Lancelin South Estate), which serves as the Water and Waste Water Service provider for the Lancelin South Estate.

Lancelin South Water provides quality potable water to the Lancelin South estate. This water is pumped from the Leederville Aquafur via a bore, treated using a filtration and Reverse Osmosis system and then piped to the Lancelin South Estate. A non-potable irrigation line is also pumped to the estate, providing minimally treated water for irrigation purposes.

Waste Water is collected via a deep sewerage system. Currently the sewerage flows to a low point where it is then pumped to the WaterCorp Waste Water Treatment ponds. As the Lancelin South estate continues to grow, Lancelin South Water will adopt its own waste water treatment solution for the Lancelin South Estate.