Water & Waste Water Services

Lancelin South Pty Ltd is committed to providing you, the residents of Lancelin South, with a Water and Waste Water Service which exceeds your expectations

Potable, non Potable and Waste Water services will achieve necessary quality by following current Australian Standards and Department of Health Guidelines.

Potable and non Potable services will use bore water from the Leederville Aquifer. This will be undertaken by passing raw water through a Filtration/Reverse Osmosis Process together with a chlorination and UV sterilization system to ensure high water quality, all combined with careful consideration of guidelines and regulatory approvals.

Waste Water services will also follow strict quality and system management to prevent impacts on the environment and the health of the residents.

Waste water is collected by gravity fed and pumped to the Lancelin Waste Water Ponds operated by Water Corp. In the future Lancelin South will also undertake its own waste treatment operations.