What’s Next

As part of our commitment to the local community, we will invest to improve existing and construct new local amenity that will create a high quality of life for Lancelin South residents, the local community and visitors to the town.

Boat launching ramp

Lancelin South is pleased to inform our residents that a new boat launching facility is in planning by the Shire of Gingin, with the Shire endorsing coastal community of Ledge Point as the preferred location. This is now in the planning and funding stages.

Beach and town access construction

Residents of Lancelin South will have two options to access the waters of Back Beach.

It is planned we will be constructing a dual use path (for pedestrians and cyclists) at the northern most point of the development. This will link the development with the Golf Course, the Sporting Club and the beach. This path will also extend into the Lancelin townsite, so children and families are able to walk, jog or cycle into Lancelin town on a dedicated dual use path.

Further south, the developers have planned to construct a six-metre wide coastal access road, and a bitumen sealed car park for 80 cars. This space will also include toilet facilities and solar powered lighting.

These two access ways will make the trip from Lancelin South to the beach simple and easy. Kids can take the dedicated walking or cycle path, whilst those with surfboards or fishing tackle can drive direct to the beach.

Lancelin Golf Club

We have provided a significant grant to the Lancelin Golf Club to enable the irrigation of 9 fairways, which will ensure a high quality course all year long. Lancelin South will continue working with the Golf Club to ensure that the facility becomes a real community asset.

We also plan to help the local sporting club with upgrades to their change room facilities.

Community contributions

For each lot sold at Lancelin South, the developer will contribute approximately $1500 to the Shire of Gingin’s Community Facilities Fund that enables the construction and/or maintenance of community facilities in the local area.

The developer will also contribute $207 to the Maritime Facilities Fund, which is managed by the Shire and used for the construction and/or maintenance of maritime facilities including boat-launching facilities.